May 1991 ‘The Two Twins Dreaming’, relief tile mural for the Department of Education and Employment, Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

June 1994 ‘Glen Helen Dreaming’, relief tile mural for Strehlow Research Centre, Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

July 1994 Relief tile mural for headstone of Albert Namatjira grave. Commissioned by Ngurratjuta/Pmara Ntjarra Aboriginal Corporation, Alice Springs.

November 1994 ‘Bush Tucker Dreaming’, relief tile mural for Beverly Hills Library, California, USA.

December 1994 ‘The Cycle of Life’, relief tile mural for Toronga Park Zoo, Amphibian and Reptile House, Sydney.

April 1996 ‘Our Story’, relief tile mural for Ormiston Gorge visitor complex, Northern Territory.

June 1996 ‘Palm Valley’, relief tile mural for Fink Gorge National park visitor reception area, Northern Territory.

March 1997 Relief tile mural for main entrance and throughout the Alice Springs Desert Park, Northern Territory.

November 1997 ‘Erranta (black cockatoos)’, relief tile mural for the Museum of Victoria, Melbourne.

April 1998 ‘Lyerritjina’, relief tile mural for the National Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Sydney.

June 1998 Tile signage for the Alice Springs Desert Park, Alice Springs.

Feburary 1999 Relief tile mural for the Family Law Court, Alice Springs.

June 1999 NAIDOC 1999 Award plaques.

July 2001 ‘Imankinyanga Lyatinga Unah [Our History]’, synthetic polymer paint on linen, 370 x 270 cm, for the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

July 2009 ‘Potter’s Portrait Pot‘ collaborative terracotta and underglazed sculptured pot, 40 x 65 cm, for the National Portrait Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

April 2015 ‘Imanka inthurra. Lyaartinya-ntama.’ Public art and design project (8 seats) in collaboration with Elliat Rich, commissioned by CAYLUS (Tangentyere Council) for the New Ntaria Youth Centre, Hermannsburg.

September 2015, ‘Our Land Is Alive: Hermannsburg Potters for Kids,’ Commission of 20 terracotta pots of Indigenous AFL players by the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.