Delrose Armstrong

Vera Armstrong

Language:Western ArandaDate of birth:1989-05-29From:HermannsburgCommunity:Ntaria : NTOutstation:Hermannsburg

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Delrose was born in Alice Springs and spent her childhood growing up in Hermannsburg. Little sister of senior artist Judith Inkamala Delrose has joined the Pottery in 2017 with a natural talent in handbuilding pottery and painting. Delrose comes from a family line of watercolour  artists, her grandfather Clim Abbott being a prominent watercolour artist learning from Albert Namatjira. Delrose is now learning to build terracotta pots and paint under guidance from senior artists at the pottery. 

Delrose is a dedicated young artist and a rising star at Hermannsburg Potters. Challenging herself with new approaches to Ceramics, Delrose has developed an interest and natural talent for throwing her pots on the wheel and surface decoration technique, Sgraffito.

Art Fairs:

2017 Darwin Aboringinal Art Fair

2017 Tarnanthi festival and Art Fair