Lindy Rontji Panangka

Lindy Rontji Panangka

Skin name:PanakaLanguage:Pintupi, Western ArrarntaDate of birth:1962-02-01From:HermannsburgCommunity:Ntaria : NT

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Lindy Rontji was born in 1962 in Hermannsburg and attended school at the Hermannsburg Mission until 1975 when her family relocated to Papunya, as her father took up the position of President of the Papunya Council. In Papunya Lindy was exposed to bush life including hunting and tradtitional crafts, including petroglyphs (rock carvings).

She later returned to Hermannsburg and started watching her sister the late Potter Carol Rontji and her aunty, the late Irene Entata.  In 1999 Lindy joined the group, becoming a prominent member, and serving on the board.

Lindy has developed a strong figurative sculpture technique, a humourous sense of story telling and a sparse and sketchy approach to her compositions.

She is especially well known for her depictions of Centralian Australian owls and lizards, and her work is found in major public collections.

In 2006 her work featured in the IAD Press Jukurrpa Diary. 

Lindy has passed away in 2016.


Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

National Gallery of Australia

Queensland Art Gallery

Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

The Brisbane University of Technology

National Gallery of Victoria 

Australian Portrait Gallery