Caroline Forbes Kamaarra

Caroline Forbes Kemarre

Skin name:KemarreLanguage:Western Arrarnta, AuslanDate of birth:1981-09-03

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Caroline Forbes was born in Alice Springs, and her mother’s family are the founding Pottery members the Engalagas. She is the niece of renowned Potter Clara Inkamala and the niece of the late Maggie Watson (Engalaga).

Caroline was born deaf and learnt Auslan sign language at school in Alice Springs.

In the mid 1980s, the surrounding lands of Ntaria were handed back to their Traditional Owners. At this time, Caroline’s family moved out to their ancestral homelands Ntjaranga (Five Mile), about 10 kilometres from Ntaria. She still resides at the outstation today, with her father and their kin, and travels into Ntaria to work at the Pottery.

Caroline first learnt pottery at the Ntaria School with her aunties, Ida and Dulcie Engalaga.

In late 2014, Caroline began travelling into Ntaria to work with the Potters, where she is being mentored by Judith Inkamala and Rona Rubuntja.

Caroline is showing to be well adept in ceramics and is showing a great sense of humour and imagination in her figurative work.

She is now a committed member of the group showing great promise.


National Gallery of Victoria