Beth  Inkamala Mbitjana

Beth Inkamala Mbitjana

Skin name:MbitjanaLanguage:Western ArrernteDate of birth:1977-07-12

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Beth Inkamala was born in Alice springs in 1977, and is the niece of prominent potter Clara Inkamala. Judith Inkamala is her nanny.

Beth grew up in Hermannsburg, where she recalls observing her aunties working with pottery in the 1990s. As an adult she moved to Papunya with her husband and child, where they remained for 9 years. During this time Beth worked at the local council in adminstration while painting at the art centre in Papunya.

In 2014 Beth started working at the Ntaria School as an assistant teacher. In this role she has taken an active part in facilitating the ‘pots that tell stories’ program, supporting the senior artists to mentor the children of Ntaria School.

In 2014 Beth starting making her-own work developing a distinctive style Since then Beth has dedicated more and more time to her pottery and now she is one of the more ambitious potters of the group. Beth is disciplined in her work, using hand coil technique and her distinctive contemporary approach to painting. Beth’s dedication to the potters, interest in her local community and the world around her is taking her from strength to strength.

In 2017 Beth was selected for the Finalists exhibition for 2017 NATSIAA Telstra Award. 

Finalist in the 2017 Desart Photography Prize.

Beth is currently employed as an arts worker at Hermannsburg potters, studying through Batchelor Institute in Alice Springs and is Chairperson of the Hermannsburg Potters Aboriginal corporation.


September 19 2015 to April 10 2016 – ‘Our Land is Alive: Hermannsburg Potters for Kids’National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, VIC.

April 9 to June 4 2016 – ‘Insight: The Hermannsburg Potters Collection of the Moreton Bay Bay Region’Lismore Regional Gallery, Lismore, NSW.

May 5 to May 25 2016 – ‘Pmara – Home, Country, Map’Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne, VIC.

June 23 – July 21 2016 – ‘Arrweketye Mob: Women Mob’Tangentyere Artists Gallery, Alice Springs, NT.

September 8 to October 23 2016 – ‘Desert Mob 2016’Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs, NT.

November 29 to December 15 2016- ‘Latharta’, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne. VIC.

May 2 to May 27 2017- ‘Time and Tide’, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne. VIC

August 11 to November 26 2017- Finalists exhibition for 2017 NATSIAA Telstra Award. Museum and Art Gallery of Northern Territory, Darwin. NT

September 5 to September 30 2017- IRNA: Trees,’ Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne. VIC

September 7 to October 22 2017- Desert Mob Show,’ Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs. NT

 4 May- 31 June 2017, ‘Lurpa’ Seasons, Bett Gallery, Hobart, TAS


National Gallery of Victoria